Friday, November 17, 2006

Light a candle for innocent victims of online child pornography

There's a 4yr old girl in my block whom I see almost everyday. She plays in the corridor. She's chubby, cute and very friendly. Whenever she sees me she'll give a smile that can warm any heart.

One day I saw her sitting on the steps looking dejected. I sat next to her and asked why she looked so unhappy. And she told me, Blossom had left the Powerpuff Girls. She was obviously distressed. So I told her to watch the next episode 'cos I believed Blossom will get back with Bubbles & Buttercup. She felt a bit better after that.

But I was also very worried and concerned for her 'cos whenever I see her she's playing alone outside her house. Out of sight from her mom. I found that very disturbing as it only takes a blink of an eye for a kid to disappear either on his/her own or taken by somebody else. So whenever I see her I tell her to be very careful and not stray far from her house.

I thought about this incident when I came across this campaign for innocent victims of online child pornography. Click the banner below.........................

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