Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Each day is a struggle

I've not been blogging much lately as much as I would like to. Not that there isn't anything to blog about. Man that would be the day!!! :-)

But I still keep up with the news and goings-on from several sources. Be it the Internet especially local blogs, et.al. and as usual I "cautiously" read and watch the local news. I say "cautiously" 'cos the local news media being what it is, in bed with the ruling party, and the bias stinks like shit especially its coverage of domestic politics, etc, etc.

I've mentioned before I'm an average joe....wait...make that a below average Singaporean trying to survive each day as best I can. I don't go out much. Heck, I haven't stepped into a cinema in ages!! Except for those obscenely highly paid ruling party ministers; the rich "elite" and those who generally have money to burn, most Singaporeans will agree that stepping out of the house can pretty quickly burn a hole in your pocket!! Unless of course you're just going to the park or beach or even downstairs your neighbourhood for a walk or something. Come to think of it, even then you still spend some money!! :( :)

With each day a struggle to get by, I'm just too exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Doesn't mean I'm gonna stop blogging or anything. Well, my apologies if this is too depressing a post but I thought of just sharing my thoughts. ;-)

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