Friday, November 03, 2006

Controlling what you hear & see - A voice from the past

Since my post on the TODAY saga, I've been trying to recall where i've read about an incident which happened a few years ago that exposed our pro-PAP govt media.

But I couldn't put my finger on what that incident was. An online search led me to what took place 6yrs ago.

A local radio journalist with 93.8FM (its called 938Live now) went on-air to voice her displeasure with the radio station's management on the morning of Dec 11, 2000 and Think Centre, a local human rights NGO, exposed; pursued and publicised the incident.

In a report on that same day, Think Centre wrote "At 9.30am, the radio presenter announced that News Radio 93.8 FM’s management was unhappy with the earlier report and has asked that only a re-edited version of the programme be aired. The re-edited version took away any mention of JB Jeyaretnam and his letter to PM Goh. UN’s Kofi Anan’s Human Rights message was also excluded.......The programme ended with the presenter once again announcing that the second airing of International Human Rights Day report was re-edited on the request of News Radio 93.8 FM’s management."

You can read a fuller account of this over at Think Centre's Radio Programme Re-edited.

It was truly a Uniquely Singapore moment! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog when searching for CSJ... very good and updated pieces... especially from sammyboy, etc... though I think it is ironic that you are writing about privacy in the previous piece and promoting "Firefox 2.0"... stop using Fx and use a completely free browser to ensure your privacy on the net.

article19 said...

Thanx for visiting my blog. ;-)

I've used firefox for a couple of years now and i don't really have that problem compared with IE. But i would be interested to hear why you think i should stop using firefox. It would be good if you could post your comments on firefox at my Oct post titled "firefox 2.0 burnin' down the house!!". It'll be easier for other readers to read & comment on this issue if they wish to do so. ;-)