Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Change of Address

Those who have followed my blog would know that I had spent a month from July-Aug'06 experimenting over at before returning to Blogger. I was still fiddling with my Wordpress blog while I was blogging over here. I guess I couldn't get it off my system. I've decided to go back to my Wordpress blog to give it another go. ;-)

Please point your links & feeds to this URL:

At present I've not updated my Wordpress blog with new posts but I will be doing so very soon. I'm just doing some cleaning-up & updating over there.

I would like to thank the people who have "switched" back & forth with me for their understanding & patience. Sorry for any inconvenience caused okay people!! And welcome to future readers who stumble upon or get referred to my blog. :-)

25 Nov@7.52pm update: Heads-up folks!! I've started blogging over at my wordpress blog. I've started over there with a bit of sex in the city and a video message by Chee Soon Juan from prison. ;-)

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