Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Firefox 2.0 burnin' down the house!!!

Firefox 2

One of the first things i did this morning was to download & install the much anticipated upgraded version of Firefox called Firefox 2!!

Man i haven't been this excited since 2002 when i first began using Firefox!! :-)

Here's a post titled Firefox - Moving the Internet Forward by Mozilla CEO, Mitchell Baker, on today's official release of Firefox 2.


Anonymous said...

Firefox 2 is fast and even better than version 1.5. I will continue using Firefox.

What about IE7? I dare not download and install IE7 after reading the feedback from netizens!

article19 said...

I rarely use IE7 except in cases in which one needs it for websites which only work well with IE. Furthermore, it is quite unpleasant to view websites with it, quite slow, etc, etc. In fact, when i need to, i use other web browsers based on IE to navigate the web. Apart from that, Firefox burns the competition!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great news.It's hard to imagine that firefox has become even better!
Now it's an ultimate browser, I guess.

Download Firefox 2