Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome to the Soviet Union

In my earlier post today, I highlighted what seems to be a "threaten & intimidate dirty ops" by the Singapore authorities against Singaporean activists.

Just now, I saw the following CNA report........

Chee Soon Juan to go ahead with planned march and rally on Saturday
Posted: 14 September 2006 1908 hrs

SINGAPORE: Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan says he's going ahead with a planned march on Saturday, despite a ban on this and other outdoor protests by the police during the IMF/World Bank meetings.

Dr Chee told journalists at a news conference he called on Thursday that the gathering will start at the Speakers Corner at 11 am this Saturday.

The group will then walk to Parliament House, Suntec Convention Centre and then, the Istana.

At each of the stops, a rally will be held.

Issues expected to be brought up are poverty and income disparity in Singapore.

At the same news conference, Dr Chee's sister Chee Siok Chin told reporters her pass as a civil society representative for the Alliance for Reform & Democracy in Asia was rejected by the host government, despite the IMF/World Bank accrediting her.

Dr Chee's application, as a representative of the Open Singapore Centre, was rejected by the IMF/World Bank.

Separately, three Singaporean political activists who had been planning to distribute pamphlets on the IMF and World Bank this weekend were taken in by the police for questioning last night.

Police confirmed that they got a tip-off about a disturbance at Suntec Singapore, and the 3 men came in to give statements and left. - CNA /dt
The last two paragraphs made me sit-up and wonder if there was any connection to the news on Mr Seelan Palay in my earlier post. So I headed to the police website and found this statement. One does not need to be a political scientist or special detective to know that it was referring to Mr Palay who was also detained at Clementi police station yesterday night...........
Three Singaporean Men Assisting In Investigation
SPF Media Releases, 14 Sept 2006

Police have interviewed three Singaporean men following a tip-off that some disturbances may be caused at the Suntec City Convention Centre.

As a security precaution, Police traced the identity of three men on receiving the information. They were contacted and asked to come to be interviewed by the Police. The three men, a Chinese National Serviceman in his late teens; a Sikh in his late 20s - a part-time tutor, and an Indian in his early 20s - a student, voluntarily agreed to provide their statements at Clementi Police Division yesterday evening (13 Sept 06). Some pamphlets concerning IMF-related issues, and some computer hardware have been seized for investigations. Police are investigating the offence under Sec 151A of the Penal Code Cap 224 - printing & possessing material which may incite violence or counsel disobedience to the law.

The three men left the station early this morning (14 Sept 06) after providing their statements.

14 Sept 2006
The Singapore authorities have always had the tendency to use very alarming language for just about everything and anything under the sun. In this case, what is possibly a distribution of harmless pamphlets by Singaporean activists is turned into something akin an operation against JI militants!!

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