Thursday, September 14, 2006

Threats & intimidations of Singaporean activists occurring behind the scenes

Woke up this morning to read this piece of very disturbing news from the SDP website........

Singaporean activist arrested
13 Sept 06

Singaporean activist Mr Seelan Pillai has been arrested. The SDP can confirm that Mr Pillai, who started the 400 frowns campaign to counter the Government's 4 million smiles project, is now under custody at the Clementi Police Station.

When contacted the police would not reveal anything more other than to say that Mr Pillai's family has been informed of his arrest.

The activist's arrest comes in the wake of unpopular decisions the PAP Government has been making to clampdown down on attempts to organise protests by local and international civil society groups.

Mr Pillai is also an animal rights supporter as well as a music artist. He has also taken part in anti-death penalty campaigns.

The Singapore Democrats registers its concern over the arrest and calls on the police to be forthcoming with information on what Mr Pillai is being arrested for. The SDP also states that Mr Pillai must be accorded all the rights of an arrested person, including the right to legal counsel.
So i put my ear out into the grapevine.....

Apparently, Seelan Palay (in the 400 frowns website his name is spelt Palay and not Pillai) was released yesterday night after questioning but his PC has been taken away. It seems other Singaporean activists have also been questioned by the police. Furthermore, all these intimidation tactics by the PAP government seems to have something to do with the upcoming rally & march on Sept 16.

As is common with the grapevine, information is sketchy and coming in trickles but it looks like an investigation aka "threaten & intimidate dirty ops" against Singaporean activists is going on behind the scenes and right under the noses of the IMF-World Bank meetings.

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