Tuesday, August 08, 2006

“Rebel” gets “stern warning” - First world government indeed!

“After 16 months of investigation, three interrogation sessions, 120 questions, and not discounting a covert round of interviews with some friends and associates, the police has finally decided to close their case against me”
For those who do not know, or vague about, what this whole “Singapore Rebel” affair is all about, click on the above link to read Martyn See’s account.

Given the amount of time; energy and resources put into this “investigation”, and the number of people, including Martyn See, who were harassed and put through such an ordeal by the authorities, one can be forgiven if one comes away with the impression that ”Singapore Rebel” was being investigated for being a video message from Osama bin Laden or his number two in Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri!!!

I’m tempted to spew vulgarities at the injustice of it all but I shall refrain from doing so.

Instead, I’ll settle for just showcasing this injustice to Singaporeans and the wider world, to highlight the despicable levels to which the ruling Peoples Action Party government will stoop to, just to secure & maintain their hold on power by going after anything & everything they perceive to be a threat to the party.

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