Sunday, July 02, 2006

When are we ever going to wake-up and do something!

Hongkong's former Chief Secretary, Anson Chan, took part in a peaceful protest march yesterday along with thousands of other Hongkongers demanding their democratic rights. She was quoted as saying "Although the economy has been good it doesn't mean we don't need democracy. I call for people to come out and support democracy".

I believe what she says applies to Singaporeans as well. One of the major reasons why I think most Singaporeans just go about their lives, and leave politics to others, is because of our economy. As long as the economy is okay, and we can continue to get our salaries; go on our holidays; spend on things we want; blah...blah....who cares about all this crap about democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, etc etc etc!!

I can write about the many reasons why Singaporeans should care about democracy and not let the ruling party & the system it has built run roughshod all over us!

But these two recent examples are enough for now. Both these articles are from Yawning Bread: Lee Hsien Loong not impressed by democracy in Australia & Goh Chok Tong admits that GRCs are meant to skew. Here we have the ever-smiling, born-to-rule arrogant Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, defending the one-party system his dad Lee Kuan Yew built and why its good for Singapore while Goh Chok Tong, the former Prime Minister & currently Senior Minister, argues how the GRCs make it easier for the ruling party to get their new candidates into parliament without any electoral contest.

These are bloody arrogant pricks from the ruling Peoples' Action Party! But I'm not only angry and upset with them. Singaporeans have allowed this to happen. In fact, we have given them the opportunity to say such things and get away with it. We have been letting them get away with many things and we just go about not caring to do anything about it.

Politics is like soccer. Just because the World Cup comes around every 4 years doesn't mean the world of soccer stops in the intervening years. Just because the general elections come around every 5 years doesn't mean politics in Singapore stops in the intervening years. More importantly, rather then just talking, we need to also act.

But, unfortunately, as I've mentioned earlier, Singaporeans just don't care as long as reasons like the economy continue to be their only concern. As Anson Chan said "Although the economy has been good it doesn't mean we don't need democracy. I call for people to come out and support democracy". I hope the majority of Singaporeans keep that in mind and do something about it. If not, we'll hear more such crap and rubbish from the likes of the PAP's Lee Hsien Loong, Goh Chok Tong & Lee Kuan Yew, and live with it.

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