Sunday, July 09, 2006

Songs for Sam

Lion City DIY presents

a benefit compilation for victims of capital punishment

This CD is both a memorial and a celebration. First of all, it is a memorial to Shanmugam Murugesu, who was executed in May 2005 for possession of just over 500 grams of cannabis - which qualifies as a mandatory capital offence here in Singapore.

But in a larger sense, this is a celebration of the spirit of Shanmugam and his courageous fight to have the harsh sentence imposed on him reduced.

The CD compiles 12 local original compositions with themes relating to issue of capital punishment. Some of the 12 artistes featured include X' Ho, Zai Kuning, Six T Nine, The Escapist Theorist and Ila Mitra. It will be selling at SG$10 each.

We hope that in listening to this CD, you will also feel that spirit of people who joined the fight to save Sam's life and to prevent any similar miscarriages of justice from taking place again. Part of the proceeds from the sales of this CD will be given to Sam's family. Before his arrest and subsequent execution, Sam was the sole support of his disabled mother, Madam Letchumi, and his twin teenage sons. (Sam was a single father supporting the family with a series of jobs held simultaneously.)

In buying the CD, you will not only be helping this family so recently visited by avoidable tragedy, but will be supporting a cause that argues for the value of life and fights for that.

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