Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Marlboro Man" becomes another casualty of war

As Singaporeans go about their daily lives, many might not be giving much thought of what's going on in Iraq and elsewhere. For many, all these conflicts or disasters seem very far away and doesn't concern them much. Unlike the tsunami of 2004 which struck very close to home, the war in Iraq maybe seen as not "close enough". But that's where they are wrong. Our world is not what it used to be. What happens in one place, whatever the distance, will touch and affect us in one way or another.

Ever since before the Iraq war in 2003, I've always wondered how Singaporeans would have reacted if our soldiers were sent into combat in Iraq. I mention Iraq because it is and still remains a very controversial war. We can only speculate how we would react.

Be it the war in Iraq or anything else, what captures me is the human story. Here's one about the "Marlboro Man" from The Observer:

A photographer's lens caught James Blake Miller smeared with blood and dirt during the battle for Falluja. In his eyes, America saw the steely determination that would bring victory in Iraq; now stress and divorce have made him a casualty of the war....continue to read A Picture made him a hero. Then his life fell apart.

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