Saturday, June 03, 2006

Too painful to even blog about...

We're surrounded by images and news of violence, death and destruction almost everyday. Switch on the TV; pick-up a newspaper or go online, these images and news are so constant that quite a number of us become numb. Not heartless but just numb. Since 2003 till today, the war in Iraq for all the violence; brutality; death; destruction and suffering, has dominated mainstream news.

I came across another conflict quite a few years back. Way before TIME magazine put it on its front cover in its latest issue. It has always been known as "The World's Deadliest War".

The sheer scale of this conflict will leave one's senses completely numb and in shock. Unfortunately, not many have heard about it or know about it because there hasn't been much media spotlight on it.

4 million lives have been lost in this war since 1998 thus making it "one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II". More lives are still being lost due to the health crises resulting from the war.

Its too painful to even blog about it. But if i don't, its like turning my eyes away from it and pretend it doesn't exist.

To know more about this conflict, the International Crisis Group's Conflict in Congo is a very good start.

TIME's photo essay The Congo's Hidden Killer "shows the health crises created by the war".

Finally, Ripples of Genocide: Journey Through Eastern Congo, is an online exhibition by "The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience, in cooperation with the International Crisis Group and Angelina Jolie".

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