Friday, June 09, 2006

Delivering bad news with a big smile

Singaporeans who know and understand how our political system works, will also know the local media is controlled & influenced by the ruling PAP government.

Almost all the time, the local media, through the selective use of photos and live pictures, portray opposition politicians and political/human rights activists as if they are the insurgents being hunted in Iraq or as some goofball out to make some trouble! On the other hand, one will never see unflattering live pictures or photos of PAP ministers and MPs. This bias is especially true for broadcast news. The local, English-language TV news channel, Channel News Asia, is one of the culprits of the political system.

But a report on their website today is worth re-producing here {in case, they replace the photo with another one!}. The report is about the Central Provident Fund or CPF. {Read also the opposition Workers' Party's CPF & The Plight of Workers}

The title of the report is CPF cuts unlikely to be restored which is already bad news for alot of our workers who are slogging their arses off each day. To rub it in, the photo accompanying the report shows the labour chief all smiles. He's not only the labour chief but also the Minister in the Prime Minister's Office plus the Chairman of the PAP, the ruling party. Oh did i forget to mention the fact that these PAP ministers earn obscenely high salaries.

As for this report accompanied by the photo, Singaporeans really have to thank CNA. CNA probably screwed-up. So thank you CNA!

The PAP & the media need to have their arses kicked like this so they'll feel the pain others go through unfairly because of their dirty tricks.

CPF cuts unlikely to be restored: labour chief {Posted Jun 9, 2006 at 1008hrs on CNA's website}

By Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia

The cuts in employers' CPF contribution rates are unlikely to be restored in the near future, according to labour chief Lim Boon Heng.

In an editorial in "NTUC This Week", Mr Lim reminded workers that the CPF rates were re-tuned in 2003 to make wage costs more competitive, to create and save jobs for workers, and to make older workers more employable.

The re-tuning was not meant as a short-term measure to get out of recession, said the NTUC Secretary-General.

Then, long-term target contribution rates were set at 30%-36% for workers below 50 years old, and between 24% and 30% for those between 50 and 55 years old.

The salary ceiling for CPF contributions was also lowered from $6,000 to $4,500.

The changes came into effect fully this year.

Now, on the back of a recovering economy, some workers have asked whether the cuts in employers' CPF contributions could be restored.

But Mr Lim warned that higher CPF rates will hit many people in less competitive sectors, because it would mean less take-home pay for lower-income workers.

In fact, if most workers can get slightly better wage increases, most lower-income workers would prefer more take-home pay rather than an increase in CPF contributions.

Mr Lim said: "(For those Singaporeans who are still thinking of an increase in CPF contribution, my point to them is that) unless there's a very tight labour market which results in wages going up too fast, I do not expect any restoration of the CPF. So in those situations (where you have a tight labour market and wages are going up very fast) then it's good to divert some of it into CPF savings so as to dampen inflation rate trends."

"We look at how we fare in comparison to other countries and we found that compared to developed countries, the employment rate of older Singaporeans is way behind. So that explains why you have lesser income and maybe for the lower income in Singapore, the household income has stagnated or even declined in the past few years," he added. - CNA/ir

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Anonymous said...

Well i guess the journalist of this article must also be very pissed off at the news, after all they too suffer from the same fate of the CPF cut isn't it? -just my 2 cents-

Now on the photo, I must say, he really looks like an idiot with a very huge peanut to boot..never liked him and never thought he could demand such high paycheck and never ever though he is any good at anything... -this is my Two Peanuts worth!-