Thursday, May 25, 2006

Control freak-mode

On May 5, the last day of campaigning for the recent general election, the PAP's Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications & the Arts, was reported to have said "The impact of the Internet at this General Election is likely to be looked at by the relevant ministry after the polls" and "this is to assess the scale at which the new media, like blogs and podcasts, were used to influence views and shape opinions".

On May 23, at a forum organised by National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), Denise Phua, a new PAP MP, was quoted as saying "I know that something has gone wrong when more than 85 per cent (of the traffic) writes negatively about the PAP.." and "This is something that the PAP would do well to take into account ... and to manage this channel of communication".

What are we to make of these statements by the ruling Peoples Action Party (PAP)?

The PAP have always been control freaks. And that's to put it mildly.

In a recent case study by OpenNet Initiative, the report states "Singapore has erected barriers to creating Internet content that augment its regulations for content itself".

I won't be surprised if more legislation, restrictions, rules & regulations are put in place. Possibly current ones strengthened. After all, pushing them through parliament will not be a problem, as it has been for decades, since the PAP dominates parliament.

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